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    10 Days 09 Nights
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    Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Delhi
  • Day 01 - 02 Arrive and discover Delhi 
    Start you spiritual journey through India in its capital city – Delhi - a charming metropolis that straddles two worlds - the ancient and the new. The Pearl Luxe Representative will be waiting for you at the airport. After a traditional Indian welcome, you will be escorted to a hotel where you will spend the next two nights. 

    There's no better way to glimpse into a soul of a city than by literature that defines it. Pick up The Seven Cities of Delhi by Gordon Risley Hearn and Delhi by Khushwant Singh to get an insight into this magnificent city. 

    Kick-off your tour with Delhi Darshan, visiting the iconic monuments of this city. In this vibrant metropolis you will visit the Qutab Minar, the tallest minaret in the world that towers elegantly over its surroundings. You will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Humayun's Tomb. Enjoy the infinite pleasures of this incredibly beautiful mausoleum that's decorated with a lush, scented Mughal Garden. 

    Also on the itinerary is Lutyens' Delhi. Drive by plush colonial style homes; the Presidential Residence - Rashtrapati Bhavan; and pay homage at the eternal flame flickering at the martyr's memorial at India Gate. 

    A trip to the city will be incomplete without taking a joyride through the old city, where time has lingered infinitely. Hop onto a cycle rickshaw that weaves its way to the doorsteps of India's largest mosque, the exquisitely designed Jama Masjid. Feast on local culinary delights in Chandni Chowk or the Moonlit Square, the mecca of food and shopping. Savor lip smacking parathas, sweets, chaat, and pakodas and splurge on colorful glass bangles, traditional clothes and sparkling bindis and trinkets. 

    You will also visit Connaught Place, developed during the Colonial period as the city's Central Business District. Retire to the hotel for the night. Tomorrow, you will undertake an soul-stirring journey.
    Day 03   Depart Delhi, arrive Haridwar 
    Today you will behold the many splendors of a city that's been christened as the Gateway to the Gods – Haridwar, an important pilgrimage city, and one of the holiest cities for the Hindus. Situated on the banks of the meandering Ganges in the state of Uttaranchal in North India, a scenic six hour drive will bring you to its doorstep. 

    A major religious center for the Hindus, Haridwar is a gem in the heart of India. Spend time visiting the Ghats on the banks of the River Ganges. Seek blessings in ancient temples where the perfume of camphor and incense fills the air. 

    The most spiritually uplifting experience is at the famous Har-ki-pauri or the Steps of the Lord. As per legend, a few drops of nectar or amrit fell from from the pitcher held aloft by the celestial bird, Garuda. At sunset, the holy Har-ki-Pauri is a magical experience. The evening aarti or prayers sees devotees thronging to the ghats as incantations from the head priests fill the air. The river is set ablaze with the tiny flickering flames of a thousand diyas bobbing on its surface. Spiritual seekers offer prayers to the Ganges, and Lord Shiva, the destroyer in the holy Trinity. At this moment you feel one with the universe and its mystical powers. Return to the hotel for the night. Next morning you will begin your yoga lessons. 
    Day 04 - 05  Discover Haridwar
    Wake up to the chirping of birds and the roar of the mighty Ganges. As the rays of the sun slowly envelope the city, you will begin your yoga lessons with a trained practitioner. The two hour session will invigorate you. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the resort that;s been tailor-made for your physical and spiritual needs. Relax in the resort till it's time to step out to explore the ancient spiritual gateway. Visit the breath-taking Shiva Lingam Temple. Did you know it's made of solidified mercury? As per legend it is said to be the handiwork of a saint. The holy man, through meditation, created this magnificent lingam. From here, set off to explore the sights and sounds of the bustling city. Soak in the colors, sights and sounds of its busy alleyways, vibrant bazaars and spiritual temples, including the oldest temple in the city, the Daksha Temple. When you're saturated with the city, move towards the shore of the holy Ganges. Take a walk down its shore, letting the mist envelope you and its sound fill your ears. 

    Spend the night in the resort, and the next day continue with your early morning yoga schedule. Today you will drive up to the glorious Chandi Devi Temple perched on top of a soaring hill. From the hilltop you get a stunning view of the city spread below you. Gaze at the magnificent Himalayas that envelope the region. Return to the hotel in the afternoon where you can choose to return to the city or relax by the Ganges, catching up on reading. Spend the night in the hotel.
    Day 06 Discover Rajaji National Park
    Post your morning yoga session, you will visit the Rajaji National Park, the largest area representing the Shivalik Eco-system, and extremely rich in fossils (the remains include fifty fossils of elephants!). This region is the homeland of the Gujjars, a local friendly tribe who inhabit the jungles. 

    It is time to set off on a safari in this ancient jungle with experts who will point out spotted deers, jungle fowls, porcupines, elephants,leopards, migratory birds and the king of the jungle – the mighty tiger. Return to the confines of your hotel after an exciting afternoon spent in the wild!
    Day 07 Discover Haridwar
    Today will be your last day in Haridwar. It is time to assess your progress in yoga and air any queries that you might have that relate to yoga with the qualified practitioner. Post breakfast sit for a session with your teacher. 

    Would you like to have your fortune told? Astrology has been practiced in India since time immemorial. Believer or not, indulge in a bit of old fashioned fortune-telling, getting a glimpse into what will happen soon. Post this interesting session, you will return to the hotel for the night, the last you will spend in Haridwar.
    Day 08 Depart Haridwar, arrive Rishikesh
    As the sound of chanting fills the air, you complete your yoga session, feeling ever so flexible and supple than ever before. Today you will drive to Rishikesh, located at the foothills of the Himalayas, to discover the world of spiritual seekers. Did you know that the Beatles had stayed in Rishikesh, the city of temples, yoga and meditation in the 1970s? This spiritual sojourn had a profound effect on their melodies. 

    Visit the iconic Lakshman Jhula, a suspended iron bridge from which you get a magnificent view of the swirling waters of the Ganges right below. The main bathing ghat in the city is the Triveni Ghat, its name signifying that is at the confluence of three legendary rivers – the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Pay your respects at the oldest temple in Rishikesh, Bharat Temple, dedicated to the younger brother of Lord Ram, Bharat. You will also visit various Ashrams in the city enveloped by the mighty mountain range, thus is also known as the 'Gateway to the Himalayas.' Check-into a beach camp located on the bank of the Holy River Ganges. Enjoy a hearty dinner around the camp bonfire, listening to tales of spirituality, lilting songs and the sound of the river in the background.
    Day 09 Discover Rishikesh
    As the chirping of birds fills the air, start the misty morning with a yoga stretching, invigorating yourself. Today you will challenge the mighty river Ganges, hurtling down the rapids. After an early breakfast set off on a white water rafting tour. Steel yourself to take upon the rapids that attract adventure seekers from the world over. Descend the river through an 18 kilometer stretch of the river. 

    What better way to end this exhilarating experience than by having lunch on the riverbanks at the camp set by the Ganges, with the river roaring past you! Spend the rest of the day relaxing and soaking in the rays on the river shore. At night, exchange tales with other fellow travelers around the camp bonfire, eating a delicious meal under the Milky Way, with one of the mightiest rivers embracing you for the night.
    Day 10  Depart Rishikesh, arrive Delhi
    It is time to bid farewell to the might Himalayas. Today you will be driven back to Delhi, post a hearty breakfast. The Pearl Luxe representativewill assist in transfers to ensure that you have a safe journey back home. Return with countless memories of your sojourns through the spiritual center of India.
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